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VAT (Making Tax Digital)

Making Tax Digital for VAT will come into effect from April 2019. From that date, businesses with a turnover above the VAT threshold (currently £85,000) will have to Keep their records digitally (for VAT purposes only), and Provide their VAT return information to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) through Making Tax Digital (MTD) functional compatible software.

However, there will be a 'Soft Landing' period for 12 months whereby HMRC will not impose financial penalties against those businesses that do not fully comply with the legistlation.

For information, HMRC has removed the requirement for businesses to submit transactional level data (Supplemental information). Therefore, businesses only need to submit VAT Returns that contain the 9-box totals. HMRC currently has no plans to introduce a mandatory requirement to submit Supplemental information.

NJT offers a 'Bridging' software solution, named the 'NJT VAT Return Manager (MTD)', for submitting MTD compliant VAT Returns to HMRC. Prepared VAT Returns can be imported from a variety of systems. (See table below for a full list of currently supported systems).
Please Note: Additional systems will be considered on a request basis. However, Systems will need to have the facility to export VAT Returns to either a Text based file or an Excel file, in a consistent format and layout.

Income Tax (Making Tax Digital)

Initial high-level development has commenced to provide a solution for Income Tax submissions. A Demonstration version is planned for release in April 2019. Initial thoughts indicate that a new combined solution will be developed, covering both VAT and Income Tax.

For information, HMRC has announced a delay to the mandation of the live MTD Income Tax system. The first module called 'Self Assessment' will include Self-Employed 'Businesses' and Self-Employed 'UK Properties Businesses'.

Featured Products

VAT Return Demo (MTD) V2.2 VAT Return Manager (MTD) V2.2 Bank Assistant V10.5
Free of Charge Prices start from £36 per year Prices start from £96 per year
The free 'NJT VAT Return Demo (MTD)' software is a simulation version of the live 'NJT VAT Return Manager (MTD)' software and is available to download from this site.

This software allows you to simulate the full 'End to End' process without being signed up to MTD.

This is a perfectly safe method to familiarise yourself with the functionality of the 'Live' software' without actually communicating with HMRC.

Additionally, you may wish to use this software to assist in training or to improve understanding of the required processes under MTD.
Software available on a request basis
MTD compliant VAT Return 'Bridging' software, within a Microsoft Excel workbook, that provides a quick and secure online filing of the 9-Box VAT Returns to HMRC.

Prepared VAT Returns can be imported directly from:
∇ VT Transaction+ or VT Cashbook
Note: VT works with Excel 32-bit only.

∇ An Excel workbook or a CSV text file
∇ An Access exported file in Excel format

Also, prepared VAT Returns can be imported via files exported from the following systems:
∇ Money Manager Version 6
∇ Pegasus Opera Version 3.40
∇ QuickBooks Versions '2013 to 2016'
∇ Sage 50 Versions '16 to 24'
∇ Sage Instant Accounts Versions 10 & 20
∇ Solar Accounts Version 3.9
∇ Tally.ERP9 Series A Release 4.93
A Microsoft Excel application that provides a structured approach to achieve a bank reconciliation, driven by downloaded bank statement.

This product is designed as a companion application for use with 'VT Transaction+' and 'VT Cash Book' book keeping packages.
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